Painting – Uniform color schemes

A short post, so far I’ve been using pretty much the exact same color scheme for all my new infinity terrain. While perhaps a bit dull, it does really pull everything together quite nicely. The only major thing I’m considering is add a few vertical (red?) bands on the higher buildings. Also apparently Micro Art Studio will release some more printed acryllics soon, those should find a nice spot in this collection.



Painting – Quick Tip for Priming Miniatures

Like many other miniature wargamers, priming follows the same procedure. Find a relatively large box, put miniatures in box. Spray paint from 1 direction, wait, turn miniatures around, spray paint, wait, turn etc etc.

Last night I recalled a tip from a white dwarf from ages ago. They were using a ‘primer stick’. Basically a stick with a layer of ductape around it with the sticky side out. While I didn’t have a stick, nor did I have ductape around, the second best things worked amazingly well. I used a ridiculously cheap Ikea children’s plate with a nice extrusion (the head) you can use as a handle and stuck some minis to it with blu-tac (or Pritt Posterbuddies for the Dutch). This allows you to do a full 360 spray without getting dirty hands and waiting.

Better view of prime-frog.

Zombicide – Survivors, getting started

Of course the poor survivors need some paint as well. I have decided to go for the 1 mini, 1 evening approach, which gives me about 2 hours per mini.

The official paint scheme for this survivor, Joshua.

Start with a very clean basecoat of colors that exactly follow the image on the zombicide site. Add a very very thin brown wash at the color transitions and deep recesses, add a few highlights and we’re done. Pretty close to the original if I say so myself.

The result of a 2 hour paintjob, the contrast is more distinct on the real mini.

Zombicide – The Horde Is Complete

Within a month of them invading my home, the little critters have been painted. Quite an impressive horde if I say so myself.


I could still spend some time adding some zombie-gore, but let’s first get started on the survivors. They look a bit lame without paint.

Painting – Slowly Building A City

After almost 20 years of playing wargames on grasslands filled with random ruins, I decided to get me something completely different. The infinity universe looked pretty neat, especially because the parent company (Corvus Belli) has made agreements with various other vendors that allow them to create matching scenery. This provides a much richer ecosystem in which in you can mix and match the various buildings, vehicles and even game accessories. One company that stands out from this crowd is Micro Art Studios, they provide a nice set of MDF buildings that are relatively easy to assemble (no glue required!) that look amazing. Playability is apparently not as good as other ranges, but I wanted a cool looking gaming table.

Testing a layout before any paint has been applied.
Testing a layout before any paint has been applied.

So far I got me the corresponding gaming mat (highly recommended!) and one each of the 3 largest buildings. Not being the best scenery painter in the universe (I’m a bit lazy) I decided to give the following a try, first undercoat with a dark brown primer, then do a much lighter coat with a light brown only spraying from above. I picked out a few highlights with bright neon paint (Vallejo) and hand-painted some windows in. All in, it took me about 2 hours of work per building. Pretty efficient if you ask me.

For one of the buildings I also tried a simple weathering technique I picked up at some forum. Before applying the second layer of spraypaint, glue some salt to some random spots with hairspray. After the second coat dries, brush the salt off and you’re left with some pretty natural looking weathering. Off course it’s a bit messy, but for scenery I’m ok with it.

Next up for scenery, some scatter terrain (billboards) and lots of Maki Games containers.

One of the finished buildings. Only detail work is on the windows and the little yellow dots.
One of the finished buildings. Only detail work is on the windows and the little yellow dots.

Painting – The joys of light

After years of only painting on Sunday afternoons (because that’s the only time the sun shines, I’m not at work and don’t have to shop for groceries), I decided to get myself a daylight lamp. Boy, what a joy it is. Being mildly color-blind, I can usually hardly distinguish brown from green in the evenings, but now I can finally do pretty neat shading, fine detail and highlights that all still look good in bright daylight. Best 50 euro spent on hobby stuff this year. (Btw,  this is the lamp I got.)


Zombicide – Painting the little monsters

WP_20150413_004For my birthday last month my friends got me a copy of zombicide: prison break. I missed the kickstarter, so quite happy with it. So far I’ve played 3 games, all wins, yay survivors. This is also an excellent opportunity to relive my speed-painting-glory-days, no one likes neatly painted zombies.

The scheme I came up with so far:

1. Spraypaint bone white (the army painter)

2. Paint all clothing with a single layer of vallejo game color, not too dark or bright

3. Paint all skin with slightly watered down brown ink (vallejo again).

4. Paint the base gray.

This works reasonably fast, I have painted almost all zombies in little over a week, and should be finished by the end of the month.